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The multinational company is located in a classic building in the heart of Budapest. We were requested to carry out a big cleanup.

The reason for the big cleanup was that site was still under renovation. The client intended to ask for a large-scale professional cleaning once the renovation was over to ensure that work could resume in a hygienic environment in the shortest possible time. The request was followed by a lengthy negotiation process as the complexity of the job, the size of the site with a particular design and the short deadline required careful planning. The biggest challenge was meeting the deadline as instead of the usual timeframe we only had 24 hours available to prepare the cleaning.  The planning of the big cleanup With the client's needs in mind and to ensure the deadline for completion and immaculate cleanliness, we carefully planned the tasks per floor level starting from the removal of the dust and debris accumulated during the renovation to disinfectant washing of all surfaces. The many partitions and the large glass surfaces in the area required meticulous cleaning and careful work. The upholstered furniture was cleaned with Kaercher upholstery cleaner. The contamination on the wall tiles and the floor tiles in the dining rooms and washrooms were removed with a steam cleaner followed by treatment with Kliniko Tempo disinfectant.

Hygiene cleaning of a private medical clinic

The FirstClean team has carried out a complete cleaning of a private medical clinic to ensure that patients in the renewed building can expect to recover in hygienic conditions. The development of private healthcare in recent years has brought with it a desire for cleanliness in surgeries, clinics and private hospitals. In addition to a high level of patient care, cleanliness has become a fundamental requirement in these institutions. Hygiene cleaning steps in a private medical clinic: The cleaning of surgeries, waiting rooms, reception areas, lifts and washrooms required our company to develop a specific cleaning and hygiene plan. In preparation, we selected effective eco-friendly cleaning products, disinfectants and professional cleaning tools. Because of the proximity of the opening after the cleaning, we were not only competing with dirt but also with time.

Garage cleaning: doing magic cleaning in the parking spaces

Cleaning underground garages is a challenging and complex task, which the FirstClean team can handle with the right tools and machinery. The joint representative of an 85-apartment apartment building approached our team with a request to clean the two separate underground garages of the building, which was completed three years ago and has a total capacity of 60 cars. During the survey, we were confronted with the fact that over the years, the area had accumulated so much dirt, dust and grime that the average cleaning time had increased considerably compared to the planned time. The day before the cleaning, most of the residents parked out in the yard, leaving the car park empty. We started work at sunrise to allow time for a precise, thorough job with our professional cleaning machines. Our underground garage cleaning services: - mechanical and manual chemical cleaning of floor coverings - dusting and wet wiping of wall pipes - floor-to-ceiling cobweb removal - vacuuming from floor to floor using Kaercher industrial vacuum cleaner - sill sweeping - scan-door gate cleaning - single disc mechanical floor scrubbing - floor cleaning with a ride-on double disc machine - mop wiping of floor The underground garage is located at the garden level, so it is no surprise that cobwebs infest the corners, ceiling ducts and vents. As a first step, we used our telescopic dusting tools to clear away all the cobwebs. In a second step, we wet-wiped the fittings, ledges, light fixtures and pipes, which had accumulated several inches of dust over the years.