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Cleaning machines

There are two things that matter for us: our professional workforce and the fleet of our professional cleaning equipment.

Our cleaning machines comply with the latest technological requirements, their operation is safe and efficient. Thanks to our expertise we can apply an appropriate machine in every field and perform at the highest level of quality.

Check out our fleet of professional cleaning equipment

VLX walk-behind mini cleaning machine

This is a compact, reliable and user-friendly micro scrubber-dryer that is highly productive in tight spaces. It is ideally used in smaller offices and retail stores. The ECO mode reduces noise levels and extends operation time. At FirstClean we use this machine in smaller lounges, offices and retail stores. It is fast and guarantees a clean floor. 1300 m2/hour productivity.

VLX walk-behind large cleaning machine

This is a highly productive, self-propelled and reliable walk-behind scrubber-dryer. It is easy to manoeuvre and control and is ideal to clean medium-size spaces relatively quickly. Its self-levelling brush operates at high speed. Its main benefit is the large, 70-litre clean-water tank capacity. The V-shaped suction head is 70 cm wide, thus enabling permanent water suction. We use it in medium-size industrial facilities, workshops, ground floor offices and retail stores. 2850 m2/hour productivity.

VLX ride-on large cleaning machine

This is a robust medium size ride-on scrubber-dryer that allows high-capacity cleaning in larger spaces. It has a low noise level, a user-friendly control panel, a dual brush engine, a large 110-litre water tank, a three-level suction engine and a strong drive engine. We use this machine in large areas, in lounges with several thousand floor area. 5525 m2/hour productivity.
VLX ride-on large cleaning machine

VLX ride-on large sweeper

This robust sweeper is ideal to clean large surfaces and lighter industrial areas. The hybrid engine enables use with both battery- and petrol-powered engine. 9100 m2/hour productivity.
VLX ride-on large sweeper

VLX 528 small hallway cleaner

This machine is ideal for cleaning the hallways of office buildings. The innovative water sucking system that operates in both forward and reverse enables cleaning in smaller and medium-size areas. At FirstClean we prefer using it because it is light, fast and enables easy access of the smallest places. 800 m2/hour productivity.
VLX 528 small hallway cleaner

Kärcher puzzi 10/2 adv carpet and upholstery cleaner

This is a spray extraction machine with 2 bar spray pressure. It is ideal for cleaning textile surfaces. With the PW 30/1 roller brush connected, the Puzzi 10/2 Adv is impressive, even on medium-sized surfaces. The integrated defoamer dosage prevents too much foam from forming in the dirty water tank, especially when rinsing shampooed carpets. We use it to clean carpets, sofas and office chairs. Max. area performance: 45 m2/hour.

Kärcher SE 5.100 carpet and upholstery cleaner

Where fibre-deep hygienic cleaning is required, the SE 5.100 hard-surface and carpet cleaner is recommended. The cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet under pressure and is vacuumed away together with the dissolved dirt. This process ensures thorough removal of grease, dirt and odours. The standard equipment includes a hard surface adapter for streak-free cleanliness on natural stone, tiles, linoleum and synthetic floors. Our colleagues prefer it in smaller offices, in offices in industrial buildings as it is easy to operate and works fast.

Kärcher single disc scrubber

This high-performance, strong, singe-disc machine enables thorough floor cleaning.  Its powerful 1500-Watt engine is ideal for elastic, hard surfaces and heavy-duty parquet. Its 430-millimetre working width is ideal for cleaning buildings. Silent and easy to operate.
Kärcher single disc scrubber

Kärcher high-pressure washer

The Kärcher high-pressure long-life, water-cooled electro motor equipped with a robust brass cylinder, a 3-piston axial pump, brass cylinder head is a guarantee for quality. The machine operates at 180 bar pressure and ha a 1300l/hour water flow rate.  Thanks to the big wheels it is easily manoeuvrable. It has a 6-litre tank for detergent storage. It is ideal for everyday use to remove stubborn stains. We primarily use it to clean terraces, walls of buildings, rails, parking lots and pavements.

At FirstClean environmentally-friendly cleaning is unimaginable without using professional cleaning machines. What you get from us is excellent and thorough performance. We look forward to working with you.