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Daily cleaning:

The number of people losing precious working days due to being sick is on the increase, the primary reason behind which is the lack of hygiene at the workplace.The deep cleaning of offices on a daily basis has the potential to prevent the spread of infections and viruses and leaving your work environment spotless and tidy, a place where thinking about building the business is the only concern. We believe it is very important to have a work space that is free of all allergens, germs, dust and even unpleasant odour. A clean working environment is paramount to ensure that your employees can fully concentrate on their tasks without any distractions, which will be of benefit to you all as people and to the bottom-line as well. 

Daily cleaning service include: 

  • Window cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Dish-washing
  • Tea-kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Reception cleaning
  • Office furniture deep cleaning
  • Periodic cleaning of IT devices