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Environment-friendly cleaning

Garage cleaning: doing magic cleaning in the parking spaces

Garage cleaning: doing magic cleaning in the parking spaces

Cleaning underground garages is a challenging and complex task, which the FirstClean team can handle with the right tools and machinery.

The joint representative of an 85-apartment apartment building approached our team with a request to clean the two separate underground garages of the building, which was completed three years ago and has a total capacity of 60 cars.

During the survey, we were confronted with the fact that over the years, the area had accumulated so much dirt, dust and grime that the average cleaning time had increased considerably compared to the planned time.

The day before the cleaning, most of the residents parked out in the yard, leaving the car park empty. We started work at sunrise to allow time for a precise, thorough job with our professional cleaning machines.

Our underground garage cleaning services:

- mechanical and manual chemical cleaning of floor coverings

- dusting and wet wiping of wall pipes

- floor-to-ceiling cobweb removal

- vacuuming from floor to floor using Kaercher industrial vacuum cleaner

- sill sweeping

- scan-door gate cleaning

- single disc mechanical floor scrubbing

- floor cleaning with a ride-on double disc machine

- mop wiping of floor

The underground garage is located at the garden level, so it is no surprise that cobwebs infest the corners, ceiling ducts and vents. As a first step, we used our telescopic dusting tools to clear away all the cobwebs.

In a second step, we wet-wiped the fittings, ledges, light fixtures and pipes, which had accumulated several inches of dust over the years.

We then "ignited" our Karcher industrial vacuum cleaner, which picked up most of the dirt that had fallen on the floor. Meanwhile, one of our colleagues washed the scan-door doors inside and out, and from then on, they looked as good as new.

The final stage of the work was floor cleaning with our Tennant-type double- and single-disc scrubbing machines. This is the most rewarding part of the cleaning process. It's spectacular and fast.

The flooring was restored to its former glory.

We hope our tenants are satisfied with our service.  It was good to receive so much positive feedback. We received several thank you emails from the owners of the parking spaces. We promise to come back in six months and clean the underground car park after the winter.

Garage cleaning prices

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